Thursday, March 4, 2010

Woodi 2.24.2010

Woodi 2.24.2010


Julie said...

you said you would love to hear what we think about these images so here's my two cents... i really like both of these, but i was more drawn to the one of her on the couch. however, i think that might be because i think the couch is so cool in general and i'm really intrigued by the artwork behind her. there's not QUITE as much going on in the image as the one of her standing, but i kind of like that.

although, with the standing one, there's lots of really nice lines which reminds me of other images of yours. that one seems to be a lot more about her things and i'm not sure if i find her stuff very interesting in the picture because for the most part it just seems to be piles of papers which doesn't tell me very much about her. however, i love how strong she looks in the image, moreso than in the couch one. i guess i find the couch setting more intriguing, even though it lacks the interesting clutter.

i think you could put either one of these in the goddard show and it would look nice with the image of jane. it might be nice to have a standing image since the other one is a sitting image of jane? however it might be a nice interplay with the two women of very different ages mirroring each other. not to be indecisive but either one would work. hope this helps a little!

Bryce Lankard said...

Julia, my name is Bryce Lankard, i am an old, old, old boyfriend of your aunt julia. I also happen to be a photographer, and have my hand in a lot of pots in that biz. she mentioned that you were headed down to austin. I recommend checking out photographer Sarah Wilson. She is a talent and a sweetheart. She won the portfolio prize at the photo festival, with the organization that i founded in New Orleans, PhotoNOLA. best of luck in your future endeavors.